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The main reason behind the non-performance of many Start Up’s, SME’s or other Mid-size business ventures has been lack of financial knowledge, lack of ability for strategic financial planning, financial indiscipline’s, compliance mismanagement etc.

To fulfil the gap of grey areas, the enterprise need to hire a CFO, who is always well versed with financial knowledge, able to do strategic and financial planning, sound in maintaining the discipline on every of finance & accounts including compliances, but hiring CFO becomes costlier for Start Up’s, SME’s or other Mid-size business ventures.

Virtual CFO has made a route for Start Up’s, SME’s or other Mid-size business ventures to avail the CFO services at very reasonable cost at the same level as good as full time CFO.

The primary responsibility of Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company is planning, implementation, managing and running of all the finance activities of a company, including helping business planning, budgeting, forecasting and negotiations.

Role of VCFO includes

  • Providing strategic advices and guidance to the CEO/MD and members of the Senior Executive management team.
  • To oversee the financial or accounting team and set the policies and procedure for the entire accounting and finance system of the company/organization i.e. Providing leadership, direction and management of the finance and accounting team.
  • Managing the financial forecasting - budgeting processes, and supervising the preparation of all financial reporting.
  • Advising on long-term business and financial planning.
  • Most SME’s operate in challenging environments where competition is cut throat and has limited access to the capital. A good VCFO can help business owners in improving not just the bottom-line but also the top-line revenue figure. With strong domain expertise, long ranging and wide experience and strong access to a network of specialists, a Virtual CFO can offer SME’s opportunities to open up new markets and propel growth.
  • To keep a sight view on the profitability of the organization and finding a ways in reducing/minimizing the cost and increasing/optimizing the profitability.
  • Drafting of financial statements and to ensure that the balance sheet records all the assets and liabilities of the company and Profit & Loss Statements give true and fair numbers. This helps management and stakeholders to under the present situation of Business.
  • Cash Flow/Funds Management, Planning and execution of external borrowings as per the requirement of the Business, Investment Planning and Management.
  • Capital restructuring and fund raising in coordination with the management.
  • Compliance Management of all the applicable statutory and regulatory laws/acts/rule ensuring that all the compliances are in order and up to date.
  • Developing a strong internal control systems to prevent any kind of fraud, misuse of funds, process gapping etc.
  • Regular MIS reporting to the management via proper and regular reporting mechanism, that will keep management updated.

Benefits of Virtual CFO

  • Less Expensive/Cost Efficient
  • Diverse and Highly Industry Experience
  • Managing the financial forecasting - budgeting processes, and supervising the preparation of all financial reporting.
  • Highly competent to handle complex situation
  • Benefit of having a group of CFO’s
  • Accurate financial statements and it numbers
  • Standardized Reporting and Formatting
  • Ability to work with the existing team
  • Capital restructuring and fund raising in coordination with the management.
  • Good Network and Analytical skills
  • Clients who are looking for accounting and finance assistance for their SME business will get the expert virtual CFO services that they need from us for fulfilling all of their business needs. We help our clients to inspect every part of an accounting system, for compliance, capital structure, quality and peace of mind.

Our Services

We work as an accretive CFO Partners, right from incorporation of the Company to handle all the transactions /accounting/ compliances/ valuation and raising funds.

Our CFO services will help you navigate accounting complexities with ease, that will help you to focus on core business activities that will the maximize ROI on your investment in the business.

Those who are looking for CFO Services from all around the India can discuss their business needs with the experts here to make their business grow, and reach the next level of success and achievements.

Our extensive list of CFO services are listed below.

  • Preparing budgets, cost control strategies and Reporting & management of financial activities.
  • Comprehensive Cash Flow/ Funds management and financial planning including Banking & Investment consulting
  • Providing real time support to the organization as a virtual CFO
  • Assisting the organization’s management in right structuring of deals or for business plans
  • Virtual CFO facilitates strategic, well planned and value-added services from startup to well establish small to mid-size businesses.
  • Ensuring timely statutory, tax compliance and due diligence with the regulators
  • To guide and assist in fundraising plan such as Private Equity, Debt, IPOs, Joint Ventures, etc.
  • Suggesting the methods to acquire capital at low cost, while regulating and curtailing expenses.
  • Financial and Strategic Risk Management.
  • Helping Accounts team and assuring the accuracy of accounts, finances, and books.
  • Preparation of financial results
  • Providing Financial Ratio analysis and cost accounting.

Receive timely financial intelligence to fuel your business growth

Speed up your business growth with virtual CFO services from precise numbers to financial benchmark. By blending the power of subjective and calculative analytics, our team provides you with financial intelligence, key performance indicators and actionable insights about your business to help you take informed decisions.

Let us help you reach your financial goals