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Don’t Worry about the facing investors or financial institutions just because of not having proper planned documents. NextGen is here to help you for Business Plan, Pitch Deck, Financial Modelling & Business Valuation.

Struggling For Business Plan & Pitch Deck Ends Here in the Lap of NextGen

We provide a wide range of new business services to meet even the most daring requirements.

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Experienced team: We have extensive experience and can be proud of 500+ completed projects.

Custom-tailored approach: We appreciate each client and consider all demands throughout our cooperation.

First-class services: We use modern technologies and advanced solutions to develop your business plan & pitch deck.

Affordable Pricing: Our Packages are affordable and have solutions for all categories of Startups

Our Services

Investor Pitch Deck

A great influential story with well researched investor pitch deck can help you create more chances of getting attentions of your investors. We create storytelling designs with all the investor ready material for your Startup.

Investor pitch deck is the initial document that represent your business in front of any investor. Funding is the key to run any business and preparing pitch deck to convey the appropriate message is all about expertise.

Key Segments of a Perfect Pitch Deck
  • Problem Statement that the Startup is willing to solve
  • How Big is the problem – Market Size
  • What Competitors are doing in the space
  • Why You are better than competitors
  • Founders background
  • Financial Planning
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Project Reports

New business ideas need to be submitted to Bank & Financial Institutions in the form of Project Report, Business Profile & Detailed Projected Financial Statements. Our experienced team of professionals with 500+ projects execution, will be a great tool in your success ladder.
NextGen team has experience of working on the brief project reports which are required for Mudra Loan to detailed project reports which are required for INR 1000 Crores project.

Some of our project reports work
  • Project Report for Agriculture Commodity Sortex Plant for Wheat
  • Project Report for Flour Mill
  • Project Report for Dal Mill
  • Project Report for Warehouse
  • Project Report for Cold Storage
  • Project Report for Potato Wafers Plant
  • Project Report for Dehydrated Vegetables Plant
  • Project Report for Dairy Plant
  • And many more
Our team of expert professionals can help in execution of your project.

Financial Modelling

We provide investor ready financial model for your startup & business. Our financial model has indepth research & data which provide a comprehensive view of the business in coming years.

Once a Startup has a clear-cut financial plan for 5 to 10 years, its communication with all stakeholders become very crystal clear. We at NextGen have created many financial planning and financial models for Startups and Grown companies to support their fund-raising plans.

Financial Modelling Includes
  • Detailed Micro to Macro Assumptions
  • Revenue Model 
  • Capex Plans
  • Projected Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
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CMA Reports

Be it a Rs. 5 Lacs working capital loan or Rs. 50 Crores working capital loan, without CMA report it will not be completed. We provide CMA reports in bankers format.

Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) Reports show the past and projected financial performance of the business. The bankers and financial institutions call for CMA report in order to understand the fund inflow and outflow in the business. A well crafted CMA report can enhance the chances of getting bank loan

What all are included in CMA Reports
  • Details of Current Banking Limits and Proposed Limits
  • Operating Statement – Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Comparative Statement of Current Assets and Current Liabilities
  • Calculation of Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF)
  • Fund Flow Statement
  • Ratio Analysis
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Business Valuation

We provide business valuation for the Startups who are raising angel or growth funding from investors. We also provide intangible assets valuation like Goodwill, Patent, Trademark etc.

Business Valuation is very important aspect of any Startup deal, Merger & Acquisition deal, Company Law and Income Tax Act compliance purpose.

We at NextGen has more than 25 years of experience in Business Valuation, the type of valuation we do are
  • Startup valuation for Fund Raising
  • Business Valuation for M&A
  • Business Valuation for Demerger of any business
  • Business Valuation for Group Structuring purpose
  • Business Valuation for Family Settlements
  • Intangible assets valuation like Goodwill, Patents etc.
  • Employee Stock Options (ESOPs) Valuation
  • Sweat Equity Valuation
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