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It may be planning an acquisition, disposal or merger, resolving a shareholder issue, joint venture dispute or Stock options accounting, seeking to reduce the gap between intrinsic and market value. Corporates seek Business valuations for corporate governance or regulatory reasons, or management review for critical input or decision-making process.
Business Valuation can be required for the many transactions,

  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Start Up Funding
  • Business Combinations/ Purchase Price Allocation
  • Share Based Compensation
  • Intangible Assets
  • Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairment
  • Preferential Allotment
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Organizational restructure

We offer complete and objective Financial Modelling and valuation services (including advisory) to meet client specific needs and specialize in the identification and valuation of intangible assets. When suitable, our valuation report gives an overview of the company, industry, economy, discusses value drivers, outlines the analysis performed, along with the inputs and assumptions and incorporates detailed exhibits that support our valuation conclusion. The valuation analysis is conceptual the report is justifiable, and if call into question, we provide an additional support to our clients for the justification of valuation, its basis and concepts.

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