We provide customised project reports and investor pitch deck. Each projects & each startup is unique for us, our wide expertise and experience enabled us to customised the documents as per the need of the customer.

Please visit our pricing page. Also one need to understand that each document is customised as per the need. Please contact us for more details.

Generally any customised investor pitch deck or project report will take 4-6 weeks’ time and CMA report and Business Valuation take 2-3 weeks’ time. But we can expediate the process in case of urgency.

All your data and business idea are very valuable to us, as we believe in long term relationship. We enter into non-disclosure agreement with you at the start of the assignment.

Yes, we work on these kinds of assignments as well, where we redesigned and improve the existing documents to be presented to investor or financial institutions.

Yes, we can connect you to right investors for your business and bank / financial institutions for your projects.

We provide analysis of term sheet, share subscription agreement, sanction letters etc. so that you know each aspect of the documents before signing of the same.

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